Do the Locomotion

I said in an earlier post that my next purchases would be a DCC loco and a Sprog controller, these being the remaining things I needed to actually get a train moving.

Well, yesterday I took delivery via insured post of not one but two brand new DCC locos – a Minitrix SBB RE460 passenger loco in red and a Fleischmann SBB Ae6/6 heavy freight loco in green. Both are suitable for the era I am modelling (approx 1990 – 2005), and I’m really pleased with the level of detail on both of them. I am so scared of breaking those pantographs however, and was reassured by the presence of spare parts ordering info sheets in the loco boxes.


In the Fleischmann box there was a tiny (8mm x 5mm) circuit board, not attached to the loco in any way, which concerned me a little. However, the supplier (DM Toys) enclosed certificates for both locos saying “this loco was tested using DCC power and is running fine” (rough translation from German). So I assume that the circuit board is redundant while the loco is operating in DCC mode. Not that I’m going to discard it of course.

A few days ago a rake of second hand Lima SBB coaches arrived from Ebay, and I also acquired 3 wagons suitable for the layout – one Arnold Swiss tanker and 2 box wagons (from Atlas and Ibertren) that are actually FS (Italian Railways) but branded for Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain, Migros.



So I am now probably the most frustrated a railway modeller can be – I have track, I have locos, I have rolling stock, but I have no controller!

Hopefully the Sprog IIv3 I ordered a few days ago will arrive soon, and I can start testing things properly.

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