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It’s always good to be able to interact with other railway modellers, to compare notes, ask questions, get or give advice, buy, sell or swap, or simply to show off your layout and get constructive criticism.

If you live where I do, the only real way to find like-minded souls is to go online. Once I had decided to get back into railway modelling, one of my first online destinations was Facebook, to see if there were any groups that might be worth joining. Daft question, really – of course there are. Here are some social links that I find useful.

Facebook Groups

N Gauge

Great group, lots of posts.

N Gauge Forum

Great group, lots of posts. Official group of the N Gauge Forum.

N Gauge Model Railway Buy Sell Swap

Lots of stuff for sale or swap. Mainly British but with some European or American gems every so often.

N’porium – N Gauge Classifieds

Again, lots of stuff for sale or swap. Mainly British but with some European or American gems every so often.

1:160 Spur N, N scale, N gauge, scala N

A truly international group. Be prepared to see posts in many different languages.

n gauge & oo gauge dcc tips & help

I only joined this recently, but hopefully it will be useful when I start DCC-ing non-DCC locos.

Modelleisenbahnshop Baumann

Facebook group for Christian Baumann’s online web shop. Good prices on second hand stock and new Fleischmann track. As always when buying second hand, ask about the condition of the stock before buying, because photos can’t show you everything.

Bernis Modellbahnshop Spur N / Z

Another ‘shop’ group but I don’t think there’s an online website to go with it. Buy via direct message to the group owner, Bernd Hagel.

Facebook Pages

N Gauge Society

Official page of the N Gague society.

Malta Model Railways

Not sure if any of Malta’s model railways enthusiasts are modelling N gauge – I should try to find out really.


Fleischmann’s official page.

Digitrains (DCC Specialists)

A British firm specialising in all things DCC.

And of course don’t forget the Facebook Page for this site! Please like it if you’re enjoying this blog.

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