Have track, will model

My cheap job lots of Fleischmann Piccolo track have arrived from Ebay. The box of straights and the crossover are brand new, and most of the second hand stuff is in reasonable condition. A few joiners need replacing here and there, and the manual uncoupling track may not be uncoupling anything any time soon, but overall it’s all OK and a definite bargain – just needs a thorough clean – and I’ve been busy assembling ovals with passing loops and sidings on the kitchen worktop and running stock over the points to make sure nothing snags.


Now all I need is a loco and a controller, and I can start playing properly and get some experience of using DCC.

Then, once I’ve decided on my layout design, I’ll be able to export a parts list from my RailModeller Pro software and order whatever track I still need.

I think my next purchases will be a Sprog controller and a DCC loco (aside from the Ebay auction of a rake of SBB coaches that finishes in a couple of days). I’ve decided that my first loco will be a new one with factory-fitted DCC. While I’m still inexperienced, I’d rather have a loco I know I can trust, so that if I encounter problems getting things running, I can focus on the wiring and the track, and not worry if it’s the loco that has a problem. I’ve got my eye on a Fleischmann digital SBB Re6/6, but we’ll see what’s available when I’m ready to order.

It’s a good job Xmas is soon. Hopefully Santa decides I’ve been a good boy. And by Santa of course I mean my amazingly tolerant better half.

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