Early stock purchases

Once I made my decisions as to what gauge and country to model, I decided that I would buy one thing for the layout each month, whether that was a coach, or a set of wagons, or a bunch of track, or a controller, or whatever. This is a long-term project after all, and I’m in no particular rush.

I started out with the best of intentions, but somehow within two months I’ve made no fewer than five purchases. The addictive nature of eBay auctions has a lot to answer for, as does the feeling of finding a particular used item on a model railway shop website and thinking “they don’t make that any more, I’d better snap it up”.

Back in my first post I said I would post news of stock purchases on the blog, so it’s time to bring things up to date. Everything here so far is second hand and it’s a bit of a mixed bag – just stuff that caught my eye. I’ve also bought some job lots of Fleischmann Piccolo ballasted track which are on their way to me from Germany as I write.


Arnold BLS 2nd class coach, Epoch IV

I spotted this on the modellbahnshop-baumann.de website, which seems like a good place for second hand European stock and has good prices on new Fleischmann track as well. As the BLS is probably my favourite railway company, I couldn’t resist. Arnold detailing isn’t as good as Fleischmann but it’s OK for the price.

Tip: surgical spirit on a tissue is great for removing discolouration and grime from coach roofs…

Arnold SBB Coal Wagon

It was in the “you might also be interested in” box when I bought the BLS coach, and at €6 why not?

Arnold MAN Crane

I’ve always thought that every good layout should be able to wheel out a crane from time to time, and since I’ve never seen an SBB one in N gauge, this one seemed suitably generic and it was offered very cheaply on one of the N gauge Facebook groups I’ve joined. If I’m feeling brave at some point I’ll repaint it in SBB or BLS colours and try to find some suitable decals.

Rake of 6 Arnold SBB Bogie Hopper Wagons

Also from modellbahnshop-baumann.de, these will look great pulled behind an Re6/6. Two of them have one buffer missing, but I’ve found some suppliers who stock generic N gauge buffers so I should be able to fix that.

I also got myself a couple of those Del Prado non-powered display locos – a red SBB Re4/4 and a green SBB Re6/6 (not in photo). These will sit on display in the DCC programming siding when it’s not being used for programming (when using DCC, you need a length of track to put a loco on and program it to respond to the controller correctly). It’s a nice cheap way to make the layout feel more populated in the early days, until I can afford more real locos.

More stock news soon (though I definitely need to get a handle on what “one per month” means).

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